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Many Vermonters are feeling the pressures of rising costs and incomes that may not be changing to meet the challenge. Your eligibility for the existing programs is largely determined by your income and the number of people that live in your home. The table to the right can give you an indication of the income thresholds where people can qualify for the Weatherization programs.

To determine if you are eligible for Seasonal Fuel Assistance, visit the State Department for Children and Family's website or call 1-800-479-6151. The Fuel Assistance Office has dedicated staff to help Vermonters through the application process, and can tell you if you qualify for assistance.


What If I Earn Too Much?

That is not to say if you earn over the amount(s) published you are on your own. Even though many Vermonters earn enough to move them outside the eligibility standards, there is help available.

We strongly encourage you to begin your search with Vermont 2-1-1. The staff at 2-1-1 can direct you to the proper resources, whether from the state, CAP agencies or other non-profit groups. These organizations are well positioned to help you begin to gather information for your next steps.

You should think about how you can get the most value for your dollar by considering longer-term strategies. For example, a more efficient home, lighting and appliances will help you stretch your dollar further. Home energy audits through Efficiency Vermont and low-interest loans can help you invest in your home so that you can use less fuel and save money.

Gas prices are higher than any of us would have imagined, and they don't look like they will be dropping any time soon. You can take advantage of shared rides by visiting the state's new website, www.connectingcommuters.org to determine availability in your area. There are a host of links that will be expanding, and we encourage you to continue your research there as well.

As our initiative develops, we will be adding more resources for you to consider.

Weatherization Eligibility Guidelines



Number of Persons in Household










Addison $26,520 $30,300 $35,977 $42,829 $49,682 $56,535 $57,819 $59,104
Bennington $25,020 $29,124 $35,977 $42,829 $49,682 $56,535 $57,819 $59,104
$24,720 $29,124 $35,977 $42,829 $49,682 $56,535 $57,819 $59,104
Grand Isle
$29,640 $33,900 $38,100 $42,829 $49,682 $56,535 $57,819 $59,104
Washington $27,540 $31,440 $35,977 $42,829 $49,682 $56,535 $57,819 $59,104
Windham $25,260 $29,124 $35,977 $42,829 $49,682 $56,535 $57,819 $59,104
Windsor $26,280 $30,060 $35,977 $42,829 $49,682 $56,535 $57,819 $59,104


For each additional household member, add $1,285.