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Air conditioning

Energy efficiency of HVAC

Air filtration and cleaning

HVAC industry and standards

Head-end power

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The Food and Fuel Partnership has been working to create initiatives and strategies, and to strengthen partnerships, to help Vermonters. Below is a listing of some of the efforts underway:

(Italic font denotes "concept - planning")

Network, Information and Miscellany

AHS Screen Door
All Hazards Planning
At Risk Committee
Call Center
CBI[1] Menu
Consumer Advocacy workgroup
Elder and special needs workgroup
Financial requests
Fire Safety Campaign
Heat Force
Low Income workgroup
Menu of needs for volunteers
Renter’s workgroup
Resource Manual
Task force


Fuel and Heating

Auditor / Installer loans
Auditor / contractor training
Burner Maintenance
Button-Up Vermont
"Cut your Own" wood program
Disconnection mitigation
Energy Conservation loan program – business
Energy efficiency (electric)
Energy Saver loan program
Fuel diversification and capacity - study
Fuel purchase clubs
Fuel Purchase Initiative
Non-profit fuel groups
Programmable Thermostat Initiative
Revolving Loan Program
Seasonal Fuel Assistance
Wood pellet production
Wood Warms


Buy Local Campaign
Expanded Debit/EBT
Food bank outreach
Food Preservation
Food Stamp policy changes
Salvation Farms


(APU) Auxiliary Power Unit loan program
Connecting Commuters
Gas Mileage tips




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